A Complete Positive Parenting System You Can Start Using Today To Make an Immediate Difference in Your Home...

  • Reduce conflict in your home.
  • Minimize stress in your daily life.
  • Encourage your children to behave appropriately.
  • Effectively eliminate unacceptable behaviors.
  • Teach your children to set and achieve goals.
  • Help your children understand accountability and responsibility.

The Behavior Bucks System

Book, system charts, goal cards, and behavior bucks.

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Target Age Range: 4-12 years old

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If you have come this far, our guess is that you’re looking for a reliable way to teach your kids how to behave appropriately without crushing their spirit by being too harsh or spoiling them by being too lenient.

We know how you feel because we have been there ourselves.

We are Guy and Sandra Harris. We are parents like you. And we created the Behavior Bucks System.

Our kids are a little beyond the age where the Behavior Bucks System is designed to operate, but we are still parents. Parents who
want to raise their children to be happy, healthy, productive, and responsible adults. Parents who remember both the joys and the frustrations of trying to teach our children to behave appropriately when they were younger.

Are you…

  • Looking for a better way to motivate, inspire, and correct your children?
  • Wondering how to change your kid’s behavior?
  • Tired of achieving discipline by behaving toward your children in a way that you would never behave toward a friend, a co-worker, a client, or a subordinate?
  • Searching for a more positive way to apply child behavior modification and control concepts in your home?
  • Feeling like you are in a vicious cycle of negative reinforcement and frustration for both you and your children?

Learn How To Change Your Kid’s Behavior

Do you ever yell, scream, withdraw rewards, or even resort to physical punishment?

Are you getting the results you want as a parent?

Do you have to beg and plead your kids to gain their cooperation?

Do your kids get the lesson one day and then forget it the next?

Does your disciplinary approach build your relationship or damage it?

Well, if any of this describes you, we certainly understand. At one time or another, we have been in the same boat.

I (Guy) have studied human motivation and behavior for many years, and I have worked to apply the principles I learned from that study in my business life. Sandra started her professional career as an elementary school teacher. Both Sandra and I are certified human behavior specialists.

From all of our combined study and experience, we have learned one incredibly important point: you can’t punish people into good behavior.

The only way to inspire high level performance is to find ways to apply effective positive reinforcement strategies.

In fact, I often teach the principles we apply in the Behavior Bucks System in my work as a business consultant and trainer.

One day, I was leading a management development workshop, and I said: “Only positive reinforcements will inspire high level performance.” As the words left my mouth, I remembered that I had spent almost the entire day before yelling at and punishing my kids for “bad” behavior.

That day, I knew that something needed to change. I realized that knowing the principles of effective leadership, communication, and problem solving wouldn’t help if I didn’t apply them.

Sandra and I talked about it, and we realized that our knowledge and our intent were not the real problems.
Our biggest problem as parents was that we lacked clearly defined goals and behavioral standards that we could use to teach and correct our children.

And, on top of that, we often found ourselves working with our children when we had the least energy to think carefully about what we said or did.

It seemed that we generally had problems with our kids when we were tired from other activities.

From our business experience, we knew that what we needed was a system. We needed a system to help us be more consistent.

This system needed to:

  • Protect us from the emotional highs and lows that made us react either too gently or too harshly.
  • Create greater understanding between us and our kids.
  • Teach our kids exactly what they could expect from us.
  • Communicate to our kids exactly what we expected from them.
  • Establish ground rules that all of us agreed to and understood.
  • Teach the benefits of acceptable behavior and the consequences of unacceptable behavior.
  • Remove the emotional intensity involved with discipline.
  • Give each of us a common language to discuss behavioral issues.
  • Teach our children the value of setting and working towards a goal.
  • Teach our children how to budget their money.
  • Avoid the problems commonly associated with using rewards as a teaching tool.


A Complete Positive Parenting Program

So, we set out to design a system, and we encountered all the problems you would expect from the effort.

We had to figure out a way to avoid teaching our children to only respond to rewards.

We had to figure out a way to easily track and measure progress.

We had to figure out a way to teach the intrinsic value of contributing without immediate reward.

We had to find a way to discipline without being harsh or heavy handed.

We had to make the system fun and engaging for kids.

We had to find ways to make the system fit each child individually.

And, we had to figure out a way to gracefully move off of the system after it had achieved its goals.

All of our figuring, experimenting, and designing became the Behavior Bucks System.

When you start using the Behavior Bucks System you will learn to apply positive parenting techniques to help you motivate, inspire,
and correct your children using proven behavior modification techniques. You’ll be able to gently and effectively change your child’s behavior.

You could go through all of the experimentation yourself. You can go read all the various books and work to apply the different concepts on your own. After all, we did it.

You could do that. Or, you could use a system that is already built and tested by parents who have been there.

We worked on this system for several years. We failed. We experimented. We read. We studied. We attended workshops. We finally figured out
the key pieces to make the system work.

I have now lost track of exactly how much time and money we invested in learning these lessons. You could do the same. You could spend hundreds of dollars on various books and seminars. You could invest hours studying and trying to figure out how to overcome each of the pitfalls of using behavior modification techniques.

You can go through all of that expense and aggravation. Or, you can get years of our experience and all the information distilled from the books we have read and the seminars we have attended for only $17.

With the Behavior Bucks System, we are sharing the results of our efforts to become better parents.

We teach you what we have learned about behavior modification for children from both research and practical experience.

We have already done the hard work for you. We have identified the key pieces, worked through the pitfalls,
and developed a system you can use to apply positive parenting tips to discipline and motivate your children.

Applied Positive Parenting Techniques

Learn from our mistakes!

Are you are ready to:

  • Reduce conflict in your home.
  • Minimize stress in your daily life.
  • Encourage your children to behave appropriately.
  • Effectively eliminate unacceptable behaviors.
  • Teach your children to set and achieve goals.
  • Help your children understand accountability and responsibility.


If you’re ready to get these results in your family, then get the Behavior Bucks System today.

The Behavior Bucks System gives you the positive parenting program you need to become a better, more effective parent.

Wishing you the best,
Guy and Sandra Harris

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P.S. – The Behavior Bucks System works really well for younger (4-12 year old) kids who do not have a diagnosed emotional disorder.

If you have teenagers or really defiant kids, we recommend that you take a look
at The Total Transformation

P.P.S. – We really do want you to succeed as a parent. Try the system for 90 days. If for any reason during that time you don’t feel that you got the value you were looking for in the Behavior Bucks System, we will happily refund your money. We want you to be completely satisfied.